Since 1959 Mapro International S.p.A. produces and exports machines that treat air and technical  gases all over the world. Mapro International S.p.A. was established with the company name of M.P.R. Italiana S.p.A., whose purpose was the manufacture of rotary vane compressors and vacuum pumps used for the suction and compression of gaseous fluids, including corrosive ones.


MAPRO® Positive Displacement machines, ML Series, consist basically of a pair of Tri-lobe rotors, mounted on parallel shafts, rotating in opposite directions inside a roperly shaped casing closed at the ends by side plates. The two Tri-lobe rotors are synchronized by a pair of timing gears. As the rotors rotate, air is drawn into the inlet side of the casing, is moved from the inlet to the outlet side by the free volumes between rotors and stator and finally is forced out of the outlet side against the connected system pressure. The machines, being positive displacement type, do not develop pressure within the casing but the discharge pressure depends only upon the connected system esistance.