1.Capacity, Pressure and Vacuum range 

Size : 50mm-500mm (2″-20″)

Capacity : 0.4-490 m3/min (14-17300CFM)


One-Stage TS type 6000 mmAq.(0.6 kg/cm2).

R type 10000 mm Aq. (1 kg/cm2)

TWO-Stage TR-type 20000mm Aq. (2 kg/cm2)


One-Stage-5000mm Aq. (-400mm Hg.)

Two-Stage-8000mm Aq. (-600mm Hg.)

2. Delievers completely oil-free air.

3. Low oscillation and low noise by complate balancing.

4. Small change in capacity against change in pressure.

5. High efficiency due to special profile.

6. Simple structure, free from trouble.

7. Highest quality pilot & Accurate gear applied. Long life and low noise assured.

8. Standardized product with strict quality control.


Capacity, Pressure and Vacuum range Size :50mm-500mm (2"-20") Capacity:0.4-490m3/min (14-17300 CFM)