fire pump

Fire pump is an essentials equipment that must be installed in every facilities like factory, hospitals, hotels, and others building. It is used to protect the valued asset and workers. A set of fire pumps usually consists of Diesel Engine Driven Pump , Electric Driven Pump and Jockey Pump. Fire pumps are always in standby positions once required it can immediately serve. 


There is a wide range of products in the Fire Pump, Bombas Ideal.


Fire pump is nothing but a sets of centrifugal pumps configured together with the sets of control systems required by either NFPA 20 standard or other local standard to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

Fire pump sets are one diesel engine driven pump , electric driven pump, and electric jockey pump. Jockey pump is used to maintain the pressure in the piping network always in the operating pressure. 

When there is a fire, the  pressure in the piping system will drop and jockey pump can not handle that much pressure drop, the electric driven pump will automatically start to move some fluids to the piping system and to all area. Over the time when fire is still firing the electric source will be not available and on this situation diesel engine pump will run automatically to move the fluids.

Usually fire fighting system use both sprinkler and hydrant hose to transfer the water through its nozzle


  • Factory
  • Warehouse
  • Apartment
  • Hotel
  • Residential
  • Office Tower
  • Hospital
Fire Pump

Fire Pump NFPA 20/ULFM

The specific function of firefighting equipment is the protection of lives and property. Performance at the right time is the guarantee of a leader.


Bombas Ideal has a special manufacturing line for these equipments, where all the components are assembled and tested guaranteeing their operation.


Manufactured under UNE 23500-90, UNE 23500-12, UNE 12845 ROC, CEPREVEN RT2ABA and NFPA with UL Listes and FM Aproved certification.


With standardised horizontal pump solutions, split chamber and vertical turbine. Bombas Ideal Pumps also manufactures Jockey pumps.

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