PVR Srl is an Italian company that offers innovative products and services in the vacuum sectors.


Founded in 1964, today it has a specialized team that is able to support its customers with high quality and reliable vacuum pumps.


PVR is active in many companies all over the world, especially in the field of food, chemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, medical, heat treatment and metallization, woodworking and research laboratories sectors.


The mission of PVR takes place in the constant search for excellence to bring quality and value through the products and services provided to its customers. We think that give to the customers a concrete solutions for their needs, allow us  to grow and succeed in a complex and extremely competitive market.


To achieve this ,PVR operates through a commercial and service network all over the the world.


Our corporate culture is focused on the growth of the skills of our employees in order to offer, through shared values, sustainable development for our society, for stakeholders and for the communities in which we operate.


PVL/EU vacuum pumps offer high performance and quality levels. Their main features are high pumping speed in a range of absolute vacuum between 850 and 0.5 mbar, low noise level, no pollution, air-cooled, rugged construction, easy to service.They are used for pumping air also in presence of water vapour and for continuous industrial use.


Two-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps PHV-K series allow to achieve higher vacuum and capacities, easy installation, operation and maintenance. The pumps have been designed for all types of applications.